"DIAS" Beekeeping offers you High Quality Organic Bee Products and Amazing Bee Tours

We’ve been working with bees since 1988. As a family business, we practice organic beekeeping in Kefalonia. We produce small quantities but top quality of almost all beekeeping products: honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and wax. We use chemical-free methods to deal with the natural enemies and diseases that bees encounter. In 2002 we were able to certify our honey as organic. Since 2015, our apiary is open to visitors.
  • The most usual question we get asked is: “Which is the best honey?”

    Our opinion is that THE BEST HONEY IS: - That which has been collected by bees in natural areas that have not been subjected to human intervention. - Has been deposited in freshly made honeycombs - Has been harvested from the comb when ripe, with respect to the bees. - Has been filtered and cleaned naturally without having been heated - Has been packaged in a sterile way in an a suitable container - Is kept in conditions that maintain its quality - Has not been mixed with any other substances - Does not contain traces of other bee products and contains no medicines. - And of course… is Greek honey! Apart from this, we believe that the best honey is simply… THE ONE WHICH YOU LIKE THE MOST!